Mrs. Sandra Mitchell



    The student is asked to:

    A.  Be in the classroom and in your assigned seat when the bell rings. At the 3rd tardy, a detention will be issued.

    B.  Have a pass when late to class

    C.  Be attentive while directions are given

    D. With genuine effort, participate in the artistic process

    E.  Have self-control in the classroom

    F.   Be honest, respectful, responsible, cooperative and


    G. NOT bring any electronic devices into the classroom

           H. Use your cell phone for artistic resource, NOT personal use 



    If the student causes my attention to be taken from the class and directed to that one individual, then at the discretion of the teacher:

    A.    A verbal warning will be given, or

    B.    A detention will be issued, or

    C.    A conference with the parent, teacher and student will be arranged.