• Going Google:

    Google provides a wide variety of tools that are useful for teachers and students. To the left, you will find more information about the most common Google tools used in the classroom. Below, there are examples of how you can utilize Google in your classroom.

    Ideas for Utilizing Google:

    Collaborative Lesson Planning -- Work on the same lesson plan at the same time with a colleague using Google Docs.

    Staff/Grade Level Meeting Notes -- Take your staff meting notes in Google Docs and share them with the rest of the staff.

    Improve the Writing Process -- Use Google Docs to: have students work collaboratively from anywhere; give students ongoing and simultaneous feedback; use revision history to hold students accountable for their work; publish student work

    Reading Response Journals -- Have your students keep their journals in a shared Google Doc. You can grade these from anywhere, without lugging home all of your students' journals

    Sign-up Sheets -- Use Sheets to make scheduling events easier. Share the spreadsheet and have parents/students select a time.

    Science Experiments -- Use Google Forms and spreadsheets to: collect, share, analyze, and graph data.

    Formative and Summative Assessments -- Use Google Forms to create assessments.
    Collect Student Interest Information -- Use Google Forms to survey students to collect information. 
    Online Reading Record -- Have students complete their reading record online with a Google Form.
    Google Calendar -- Share a calendar with a team, grade level, or the entire school to coordinate dates and times. Use a calendar to check-out resources, map standards or create pacing guides.

    Google Apps Flipquiz (check out flipquiz.me for more flipquizzes):